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Zermatt photographer | Our Matterhorn adventure

Organizing this day was a big question mark from the beginning! Our good friend Dave was here visiting from Florida and was told by his family to go see the Matterhorn. The only thing was that it had been raining non-stop for about a month and everyone-including the lady at the train ticket counter-told us it would be a waste of time to go because the mountain would be behind clouds. After some deliberation we decided to go anyways and simply enjoy the trip there no matter what. The train ride was about 5 hours but it was very enjoyable to look at all the scenery, and when we finally got there the sun was shining! Unfortunately as we started going up to the see the Matterhorn the only cloudy part of the sky was right where the peak is and we couldn't see it. As we reached the observatory deck by some miracle the clouds started to part and there it was!!! What a gorgeous view...the contrast of the blue sky and the white mountain peaks...definitely a day I will never forget!!


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