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Untouched memories

This year my grandparents' house turns 80! I love coming back year after year and and as soon as I walk in I re-live all the happiest memories of my childhood. Even though some things have changed with time there is still a lot that takes me back...even just the simple and particular smells in each part of the house. Every time I put a raspberry in my mouth or smell a rose I immediately dream of nonni's never fails. Even the outdoor noise, mainly the train that passes a million times a day and is super loud with the windows open, is music to my ears because it reminds me of happy summers spent here in Lugano.

My sister Deiva and I

My brother Lou and my sister Sayuri

As you can see my passion for photography comes partly from my grandma (and partly from my dad)...She has pictures everywhere!!

I love the simplicity of their goal in life is to be as organized as my grandma...everything has a place and that makes it so much easier to keep clean!

One of the many trains that passes by!!

Nonno loves his radio...I remember Deiva and I would wake up super early to snuggle with them in bed while they listened to the radio first thing in the morning. And also at lunchtime nonno would come home from work and the radio was on!

Newspaper and crossword puzzles (La Settimana Enigmistica) where most of nonno's jokes come from :)

The daily game of Solitaire...

Nonna <3

Still there today!

And did I also mention where my love for cats comes from???

Nonna's amazing homemade jams

Mirrors are my friends!

Mitico Hockey Club Lugano 1985-86!!!


Our drawings are still all over the house

"Vado a tagliare l'erba"

Tons of kiwi on their tree!

Nonna makes the best sauteed-sesame seed-covered-sage leaves! Soo good!!

I love you so much Nonni!! Thank you <3

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