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I have been in Switzerland for over 3 weeks now. It's been a dream come true. It's been a summer that we have planned and waited for a long time. It hasn't been the easiest transition though. I went from working full days... giving 6-7 massages a day and then maybe doing a photo preparing to nothing. Wow. I have actually been feeling kinda lost. We definitely took a chance to take such a long trip, and yes it would have probably been easier to stay home and continue with our routine. But I had to remind myself about what I have been craving for so long: time!

Time to spend with my family...time to play with my kids... time to study and get better at my job...time to reflect...time to just be. So even though our lives these days are dictated by money I'm trying to stick to my belief that fully living life is more important than living to pay the bills.

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